Programship是一个为准备留学的人而存在的在线信息和服务平台。它将一个巨大的留学信息库带给用户,并将有服务需求的用户与留学服务供应商(包括留学中介)链接在一起。我们的留学信息库涵盖了超过十四万个海外留学专业,涉及了学士,硕士和博士的不同学位水平。我们致力于帮助学生前往包括欧洲,北美,亚洲和大洋洲留学。 Programship is a website that connects prospective students with international education programs and corresponding service providers. It offers a big database of over 140,000 education programs on the bachelor, master and doctoral levels. We serve students who are planning to study in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. 留学,国际教育,学士,硕士,研究生,博士,海外留学,欧洲留学,俄罗斯留学,东欧留学,美国留学,北美留学,澳大利亚留学,英国留学,新西兰留学,德国留学,法国留学,意大利留学,瑞士留学,葡萄牙留学,西班牙留学,爱尔兰留学,芬兰留学,瑞典留学,挪威留学,丹麦留学,希腊留学,日本留学,新加坡留学,马来西亚留学,印度尼西亚留学,泰国留学,荷兰留学,韩国留学,高中,海外高中,国际学校,暑期学校,衔接课程,海外大学,BSc, MSc, MA, MPhil,人文, 古典学, 历史和考古学, 语言和文学, 表演艺术, 哲学, 神学, 视觉艺术, 社会科学, 传播和新闻学, 商业和管理学, 教育和培训学, 人文地理学, 法律, 政治学, 心理学,社会学,旅游和服务,自然科学,生物和生命科学,化学,地球与空间科学,物理,形式科学,计算机科学,数学,统计学,应用科学,工程和技术,医药和健康,留学中介,中介,study abroad, international education, bachelor, master, doctoral, phd, student mobility, education mobility, BSc, MSc, MA, MPhil, High School, Summer School, college, bridging courses, university degree, humanities, classics, history and archaeology, linguistics and literature, performing arts, philosophy, theology, visual arts, social sciences, communication studies and journalism, business and management, education and training, human geography, laws, political sciences, psychology, sociology, tourism and hospitality, natural sciences, biology and life sciences, chemistry, earth and space sciences, physics, formal sciences, computer science, mathematics, statistics, applied sciences, engineering and technology, medicine and health sciences,study in europe,study in USA,study in Canada,study in New Zealand,study in Australia,study in Switzerland,study in Germany,study in France,study in Italy,study in UK,study in England,study in Ireland,study in Japan,study in Netherlands,study in Portugal,study in Spain,study in Greece,study in Norway,study in Sweden,study in Finland,study in eastern europe,study in croatia, study in serbia,study in russia,agent service,agent,education agent

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