Services for Prospective Students

No matter you are still a student or already working, if you want to study abroad in the near future, Programship is for you. Apply for the right educational program on your own with our detailed guidance. We offer flexible services to meet diverse needs.

money_off Free services

  • You can create a free account and develop your profile;
  • You can get recommended programs based on your inputted profile;
  • You can browse the available programs by various search criteria;
  • You can review and comment on the public pages of programs;
  • You can create your own documents (CV reference letter, personal statement) in Chinese.

attach_money Paid Services

  • Request to translate your existing supporting documents from Chinese to English;
  • Download templates for writing;
  • Request the Document Beauty service, to apply a better look to your supporting documents;
  • Request Document VIP Support;
  • Request Full-service of application aid.

What level of education are you looking for?

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How can Programship support you?

Global choices of programs

Serve you in your language

Professional translation support

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Services for institutes

If you are an educational institute, who would like to attract more students from the China market, you are in the right place in Programship. We promote your educational offers to the China market in native language.

As our customers, you will be able to:

  • Directly input the admission information of your programs;
  • Have your programs translated into Chinese;
  • Have your programs listed on Programship for searching and viewing by Chinese students.

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Services for Translation Providers

If you are a freelance translator or a registered translation agent, you can sign up on Programship to brand your service to Chinese students who are planning to study abroad.

As our translator customers, you will:

  • Help translate the programs available on Programship, which can demonstrate your service quality and boost your brand in the student community;
  • Accept translation request from students.

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We will gladly answer your questions. Please contact us.

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