About us

Programship is an online platform whose purpose is to aggregate overseas educational programs and offer them to the Chinese students.

The term of Programship comes from the combination of "program" and "ship". It expresses the core service of Programship.com – an online platform where the educational institutes deliver their products to the China market.

Programship has three types of users: educational institutes, prospective students in China. Educational institutes provide admission information on the platform. These two types of users are the clients of Programship. The prospective students consume the information for free and apply for educational institutes to study abroad.

Prospective students in China can:

  • search for global education opportunities in Mandarin;
  • get admission information and application guidance in one stop;
  • obtain lingual aid during their application process and beyond;
  • manage multiple programs from a single account on Programship.

In detail, educational institutes can:

  • provide admission information of their educational programs in one standardized format supported by multiple languages;
  • monitor the performance of educational programs;
  • conduct accurate marketing to the aimed market.

In Programship, we connect students with the critical information they need in order to apply for overseas educational programs especially when doing it on their own. We offer the students the professional translations of the academic programs in their own language!

Are you interested in going abroad to study in the near future? Try it now. It is free and we ensure that you will not regret this decision.